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Skyrocket Your Conversions With Total Confidence

Learn how to increase your conversion rate with unparalleled clarity, and how to use the power of influence to accelerate your sales, starting today!

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Discover the carefully guarded secret that even the most successful business owners probably aren't using, and how YOU can utilize it to crush your sales!

Maximize Your Network, and REVERSE Attrition!

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Here's what you'll learn in our online video master class...including information NEVER shared outside closed doors before!

Dave Bernstein & Kristi Lee share information once reserved ONLY for private coaching clients and students. Now, for the first time ever, determined business owners can get the same successful strategies....INSTANTLY!

The core of Sales Conversion Mastery™ is the breakthrough, 9-module video course. Six hours of up-to-the-minute skills and techniques YOU can use to build a successful and profitable business, with a foundation based on relationship marketing.

Dave & Kristi show you how to build powerful relationships, and how to take those relationships and mine profits, referrals, and repeat business. Most important, you'll learn how to develop an army of raving consumers, ready to share in your success, as you build a confident sales team. You'll learn...

  • The secret to lead generation, and how to STOP wasting time with uninterested prospects
  • How to set up appointments for success, with the unique system Kristi uses to eliminate no-shows
  • The online meeting resource Kristi swears by....perfect for busy people who are strapped for time!
  • The four communication styles that accurately identify any prospect, and how to speak THEIR language. Identify their purchasing "love language" quickly, and they will be practically begging you to know more about your business!
  • How to truly learn not only what your prospect wants, but what they need. This is the secret to repeat orders.
  • How to use the power of relationship marketing to dig deep from within, and share your personal, relatable story of success.
  • How to successfully ask for the order. (Hint: 80% of you are currently doing this wrong!) Dave & Kristi will share the biggest mistake you're currently making that is strangling your sales.
  • The Top 7 objections that prospects use as excuses not to buy, and how to disarm every one of them
  • The proven system Kristi uses to follow up with her clients.....effortlessly! Whether you're tech savvy, or technology makes you break out in hives, this is ABSOLUTELY for you!
  • How to effectively ask for referrals, and the foolproof questions you can utilize that will help keep your pipeline fuller than a Las Vegas buffet.
  • And much, much more!


FACT: Everything you've learned about sales and marketing is a LIE .... but it's NOT your fault!

That's right. You simply didn't know better.

Your school teachers set you straight for reading, writing & arithmetic....but sales training? Not so much!

Your boss attempted to bring in more business, but instead of increasing sales, he simply increased frustration (and turnover) in your office.

Your parents even gave you advice, but you found out (the hard way!) that being a success wasn't just about having the perfect logo or business card.

It's a common myth that you're either born with sales skills, or you're not. False!

Sales and marketing success requires a blueprint. One that is reliable AND repeatable.

Sales Conversion Mastery™ is that blueprint to success. Powerfully simple.

So simple, in fact, that you'll mourn the time you lost trying anything else!

Your investment in Sales Conversion Mastery™ is NOT merely a luxury for your's a necessity!

Dave & Kristi peel back the curtain on the proven strategies that have helped business owners, team leaders, and entrepreneurs .... in ALL niches!

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No slick salesman talk.

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And when we say LIFETIME ACCESS, not only do you have access to the video master class, but access to any new videos and updates that are added to the course in the future!

Why only $97?

Our honest answer: We simply believe in hard working business owners and entrepreneurs, and we are passionate in supporting them.

We especially enjoy watching their businesses not just survive....but THRIVE!

Kristi regularly charges hundreds of dollars for consultation time to her private clients, sharing the same breakthrough information, and for the first time is opening the vault to ALL business leaders.

Can we be frank?

In sales and marketing, those who accelerate their efforts first, become the first to accelerate their profits.

By utilizing this breakthrough information first, not only will you get a jump start on your business, but you will be empowering everyone on your team, and creating a culture of success!

And that's what building a business is all about - sharing the success!

For less than the price of a night out on the town, you can accerlerate your sales and business in as little as 7 days!

And you'll be able to access the information FOREVER, so you'll be able to charge your battery and refresh your knowledge bank, whenever the need arises.

With 50 years of combined marketing experience, Dave & Kristi will arm you with the secrets to marketing success.

We'll show you how to solve the problems your clients suffer through every day, and how to build a business based on trust, faith, care, and honor.

A business that will leave a lasting legacy for your family, and one that could potentially afford you the opportunity to travel, work from home, and live the lifestyle you truly deserve.

Don't settle for complacency - strive for success! We're proud to be your mentors on your personal journey to excellence and mastery!

- Dave & Kristi

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