Step 7 Handling Objections

my sales accelerator Apr 29, 2019

Most people are fine with working through Steps 1 through 5 that I've posted, however, when they get to step #6 "Asking for the Order" and #7 "Handling Objections" they freeze and don't want to ask. Why? Because they don't want to hear the word "No" AND they are afraid they might get asked a question they may not know the answer to.

This is an opportunity for growth! Choose to be bold and work through the feelings of nervousness, uncertainty and all the "What if...?" questions that may flood your mind. Let's address hearing an objection - this just means your prospect has a question that you didn't cover in your presentation. Perfect! When you welcome questions, you'll get to know what's on your prospect's mind and you can turn into problem solving mode (which will chase off nerves!) Your prospect is looking to you to help guide them to the product/service that best suits their needs.

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